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MDT's own-branded: Mio

Mio, the global GPS and DashCam brand leader, creates and markets products that leverage the latest developments in automotive technology services. This has made Mio a household name in safety and wellness — a brand beloved around the world. Mio has established itself as a user-focused provider of great customer experiences with the expertise to deliver innovative solutions that improve people’s lives.

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MDT's own-branded: Navman

Navman is a leading brand of world-class satellite navigation technology, offering some of the best GPS navigation systems and DashCams for cars, off-road vehicles and trucks. Satellite navigation has been a core technology for Navman products from inception. Navman recognizes the need for applications in transportation, recreation, and personal information.

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MDT's own-branded: Magellan

Founded in 1986, Magellan is a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics brand. Holding over 200 key patents in GPS technology, Magellan is recognized as an innovation pioneer within the industry. Magellan is the creator of award-winning portable car navigation products, outdoor handheld navigation devices, and creative Mobile GPS solutions.

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