Video Telematics

Change the way your business operates with video telematics

Smart Dash Cam

Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam - Fleet Camera Systems

Innovative AI-powered platform

Main application

Built-in powerful Qualcomm solution with edge AI computing and machine learning engine is the greateset AI-powered platform that MiTAC has developed for the application of video telematics.

Superior Video Recording

Main application

MiTAC fleet dash cam features Full HD video recording with ultra-wide field of view, both outside and inside the vehicle. Industry-leading STARVIS imaging sensors provide exceptional video clarity under low light conditions and swiftly adapts to varying lighting conditions in comparison to competitors.

Always connected

Main application

4G LTE connectivity and advanced GPS positioning facilitate real-time alerts and notifications when impacts or accidents are detected. This enables fleet operators to react instantly and pro-actively.

Andriod OS
Cloud backup

All-round Visibility

Main application

With advanced and adjustable up to three cameras facing forward, in-cabin and rearward, MiTAC fleet dash cam records footage of the up-to-date situation on the round as well as the driver. Complimented with data on vehicle performance, this data informs and enables fleet managers to pro-actively coach and improve driver behaviour in a targeted, personalised and high-impact manner.

Full control over your vehicles

Main application

MiTAC fleet dash cam comes with versatile connectivity to vehicle inputs (speed pulse, left/right turn signal, brakes, reverse, ACC) and further provides ECU integration.
* to get the full picture of your vehicles.
* Interface only

Installed in no time

Main application

Our unique design makes installation as simple as possible. Maximizing the efficiency of your transition to the new-generation smart fleet camera helps you improve fleet immediately without disturbing company operation.

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