Video Telematics

Change the way your business operates with video telematics

Safety Enhancement

Best Fleet Driver Safety Program Solutions

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Main application

Outstanding AI-powered platform can bring you accurate Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) detection in advance to reduce danger on road.

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)

Main application

Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) will help to analyze driver's behavior to prevent possible risk and coach them for better performance.

Remote Assistance

Main application

Real-time streaming and tracking can locate the vehicle and make surre its route is correct. When receiving event notification, administrator will offer necessary assiatance.

Advanced Sentry Monitoring

Main application

While your vehicle is unattended, the device will automatically start video recording and alert you when it detects any movement or contact to vehicle.

Tamper-proof Housing

Main application

Tamper-proof design protects the device from unauthorized access and tampering.

Safety Camera Alert

Main application

Anticipate speed limits and the road geometry ahead for safer driving.

Solution Benefit

Main application

Speeding reducing 17% of 83

Crashes reducing 72% of 28

Collision cost reducing 25% of 75

Fatalities reducing 56% of 44

Injuries reducing 53% of 47

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