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MiTAC Continues Winning Streak at Taiwan Excellence Awards, Showcasing Continued Dominance in Automotive Electronics

(Taoyuan, December 6, 2023) - MiTAC Digital Technology Corp., a long-standing player in the automotive electronics industry, proudly announces three new annual products that have received recognition at the 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards: the Enhanced Video Telermatic Management Solution - MioEYE K series + VisionMax, the 4TG LTE Connected Dashcam - Mio MiSentry 12T, and the Separated Type Motorcycle Dashcam - Mio MiVue M820WD.

[Enhanced Video Telermatic Management Solution - MioEYE K series + VisionMax]

Building on its momentum of receiving recognition for two consecutive years at the Taiwan Excellence Awards, MiTAC, through its integrated capabilities, has enhanced the depth and breadth of its products to increase their added value and differentiation. The Enhanced Video Telematics Management Solution strengthens monitoring of driver safety events, correction of driving behavior, preservation of traffic incident data, and event reconstruction using blockchain concepts, allowing for event validation and expediting the handling of unexpected incidents. Coupled with educational training utilizing this solution, there's a significant improvement in driving behavior. With robust AI algorithm technology, real-time and diverse assistance in judgment can be provided. This offers a comprehensive backend management solution, enabling fleet managers to conduct real-time cloud monitoring and alert functions, thus enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and reinforcing safety.

[4G LTE Connected Dashcam - Mio MiSentry 12T]

In recent years, Mio has been focusing on the digital transformation of providing value-added services for consumer dashcams. The latest connected dashcam MiSentry 12T, is designed to meet the needs of general consumers across generations, along with its dedicated mobile app - MioNext App. This innovation aims to redefine dash cams beyond mere post-accident video evidence tools. The MiSentry 12T builds on Mio's mature parking mode design over the years, integrating real-time notification applications, and solving the time gap in traditional dash cam retrospective reviews. It can instantly notify users when incidents occur and automatically upload collision event recordings to the cloud. Through consumer subscription services, it integrates cloud storage records of dash cams and LTE OTA systems for real-time updates, offering more convenient, instantaneous, and comprehensive real-time protection. This actualizes the application of dashcams in the AIoT digital transformation.

Its powerful connectivity, combined with the mobile app's four main functions: (1) Live View for real-time monitoring, (2) Smart Parking Guard for theft prevention and parking monitoring, (3) Push Notifications for instant event alerts, and (4) Automatic Cloud Backup of event videos, transforms the dash cam into a versatile remote monitoring system. It not only notifies the car owner instantly when an event occurs but also immediately uploads relevant videos to the cloud for backup, providing consumers with the peace of mind that their vehicles are protected 24/7.

[Separated Type Motorcycle Dashcam - Mio MiVue M820WD]

Mio has not only made breakthroughs in the field of connectivity but also in motorcycle dash cams, its latest motorcycle dashcam is designed for "how to record and share the joy of riding." With lifestyle changes, riding motorcycles is no longer limited to transportation but has become part of weekend leisure activities for many. The Mio MiVue M820WD detachable motorcycle dash cam, designed for riders who enjoy sharing their journey, features built-in journey time-lapse recording functions. It comes with twice the improved WIFI download speed compared to the previous generation and the exclusive MiVue Pro App. This allows users to easily and quickly share interesting moments and route trajectories from their travels, enabling friends to experience similar journey experiences. The latest three-in-one parking mode offers continuous monitoring (motion and collision detection), parking time-lapse recording (motion and collision detection), or an energy-saving mode (collision detection only). It can automatically record and lock events even when the vehicle is turned off. The MiVue M820WD employs a new GPS solution that can simultaneously receive signals from the world's five major satellite systems, providing faster and more accurate positioning.

For details on the award-winning products:

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