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Double the Honor! MiTAC Video Telematics Managemnet Solution and Dual-Channel E-Mirror Dashcam with Full Screen Touch Panel Win the Taiwan Excellence Award

(Taoyuan, Nov. 23rd, 2022) - MiTAC Digital Technology Corp., a pioneer in the automotive electronics industry for many years, announced that its new product lineup of the year, an video telematics management solution (MioEYE K series + VisionMax) and a dual-channel E-mirror dashcam with full screen touch panel - the Mio MiVue R850D. Both have been recognized at the prestigious 31st Taiwan Excellence Awards.

[MiTAC video telematics management solution – MioEYE K Series + VisionMax]

Integrated with big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, MDT’s video telematics management solution create a connected dashcam recorder and fleet platform incorporatin the three features of accident prevention, accident investigation, privacy and data security. In terms of security, the solution allows for the recognition of multiple incident types. It offers real-time two-way communication, which can effectively help fleets to reduce the incidence of accidents, improve driving behavior, and reduce financial losses while improving operational efficiency.

The MioEYE K-Series' front camera features image recognition technology to alert drivers of ADAS events such as road drift and front-end collisions, as well as monitor driving behavior in real-time. The fleet manager can remotely connect to the device in the vehicle at any time to view real-time front and rear footage and engage in two-way communication with the driver as needed. This greatly improves the efficiency of communication between fleet managers and drivers.

During event accident, the connected dashcam recorder will not only record video, audio, and GPS coordinates and G-value data in the device’s Internal Flash and SD card, but also be backed up to the cloud in real-time. So even if the SD card is damaged or not available, users can still obtain related data by logging into the management platform. Through the DMS technology and friendly platform interface design, the scene of the accident and the behaviors of the drivers involved can be accurately documented to help the fleet more precisely pinpoint the cause of the accident and liabilities of those involved.

Reconized as the connected dashcam featuring Edge AI technology for both front and rear cameras in the market, MioEYE K series can recognize road signs, ADAS or DMS events with a far shorter response time. Even if a heavy vehicle travels in remote mountainous or suburban areas and encounters unstable network connections, it can still detect events and immediately alert and call back the driver's attention to ensure driving safety.

The video telematics manament solutionprovided by MiTAC Digital Technology offers a compelling one-stop service from hardware and firmware development, validation, manufacturing, software platform and AI recognition technology development and maintenance, which can significantly lower the threshold for small and medium-sized service providers to enter the in-vehicle service sector.

[Mio MiVue R850 – Dual-Channel E-Mirror Dashcam with Full Screen Touch Panel]

After many years of development, Mio has launched MiVue R850D, a highly integrated full-screen touchscreen digital rearview mirror dashcam, Smart phone gesture UI and in-vehicle wiring specifications. With the industry's largest 11.88” IPS narrow-bezel mirror design and 3-in-1 dedicated cable, the innovative 3-in-1 cable connector integrates a power cable, rear lens transmission cable and external GPS receiver, for a great leap forward in aesthetic design.

The MiVue R850D comes with the industry's highest-grade IPS screen with 1000 nits of brightness, a spacious rearview mirror, and an automatic smooth dimming function, effectively reducing screen glare and overlapping shadows to enhance driving safety.

The dual front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony’s STARVIS CMOS sensor and HDR technology, offering a recording quality of up to 2K+1080P for perfect clarity regardless of the light source. The R850D offers additional convenient and practical functions, including exclusive safety warning 6-in-1 speeding detection alert, WiFi 5 and SuperMP4 format, a premium flagship product with leading specifications for the consumer dashcam market!

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Mio MiVue R850D:

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