Manufacturing Excellence

MDT’s 1,790,000-square-foot manufacturing site in China is certified to ISO 9001, ISO14001, IHSAS18000,IATF16949, ISO13485, and GMP standards. Our advanced automated production facilities and quality management system allow MDT to efficiently output high-quality products that fulfill our customers’ unique demands.

Newark, CA USA (MIS)

237K ft2

Supply chain Management

BTO/CTO & rack integration

Forward/Reverse logistics services

Repair/Refurbish management


Kunshan, China (MKL)

1,709K ft2

Supply chain management

GPS, GIS products

Industrial tablet

Automotive electronics

Consumer electronics

Infopower, Noida India (IPTL)

35.8K ft2

Supply chain management

Bare PCB Design & Manufacturing

Electronic Manufacturing Services

Industrial products: Automotive

electronics and Dash Cam

Shunde, China (MSL)

1,667K ft2

Supply chain management

Server, storage, systems

HPC, IPDC systems

Industrial products: rPOS, mPOS, tablet, AIO, WS

Automotive electronics