As a leading pioneer in automotive electronics, MDT is dedicated to creating value differentiation and keeping pursuing innovation. We provide high quality products and prompt responses to meet customers’ unique demands and reach high customer satisfaction. Our strong R&D capability is our major force to keep us continuing growing. MDT deploys over 350 R&D engineers throughout the world and invests abundant resources in new technology research and development.

We integrate software, hardware, mechanical, and design verification platforms and implement automated and IT-based research procedures. By mastering key technology and industry trends, MDT possesses irreplaceable competitive advantages to maintain our leading position in automotive electronics industry.

Global RD Resource


MiTAC Digital Corp. (MDC)

MiTAC Russia. (MRU)

MiTAC Innovation (KunShan) Co., Ltd (MIK)

MiTAC Research Shanghai. (MRS)

MiTAC International Corp. (MIC)