Core Competence

MDT's core competence: Vision AI,Position,Connectivity

Leveraging Superior Core Technologies to Create Customizable Integration Solutions

As an IATF16949 certification recipient, MiTAC Digital Technology (MDT) has successfully grasped current market trends by incorporating the three key technologies of Vision AI, Position, and Connectivity into the development of new and innovative core capabilities in driving safety, local services, and real-time information. As we extend the use of automotive electronics and business tablets to AIoT applications, our refined differentiation strategy will help us become the primary supplier of products and solutions in these domains.

As demand for network connectivity continues to surge in the automotive electronics market, MiTAC’s thorough understanding of the C.A.S.E. concepts is vastly helpful in the active development of even more practical Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions. Every connected dashcam series, whether for motor vehicles or motorcycles, is designed and manufactured by adhering to our highest standards in reliability, high image quality, and user-friendly connected services. In addition to earning the top spot in the consumer market, MiTAC has also successfully expanded into the B2B automotive electronics market and established a firm position in the global automotive electronics supply chain.

In order to create more in-depth and diverse solutions, MiTAC has incorporated the three core technologies into the development of semi-rugged tablets and Internet of Vehicle (IoV) products. Projects currently underway include telematics boxes, video telematics, driver behavior analysis tools, return-to-route solutions, and mobile device management to raise driving safety and business productivity.

To satisfy today’s corporate users in the international commercial market, MiTAC’s semi-rugged tablets are an innovative and economical solution that meets all technical and performance requirements in terms of flexibility, functionality, and durability. Regardless if you are using our products for table ordering, logistics management, or warehouse management, having unparalleled efficiency and convenience is always guaranteed.

MiTAC offers professional consultation based on mainstream market trends and through our mature product specifications/positioning, progressive R&D technologies, strict quality control measures, flexible business models, and competitive pricing. We serve clients from Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Our premium products and services make us the trusted partner in automotive electronics and AIoT solutions.

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