The technology revolution has had a tremendous impact on the automotive industry, offering infinite opportunities for a safer and more comfortable driving and travelling experience. A pioneer in both information technology and the automotive fields, MDT continues to move ahead with connected car and smart city solutions to provide users with instant information sharing, remote monitoring, cloud storage, and user behavior analysis.

Smart City

Main application




Product line up

Location based: GPS/GLONASS/BAIDU

Connectivity: Flexible connectivity 3G/2G/LTE/NB-IoT/LoRa

Smart Lighting control unit

Various camera option 480P/720/1080P

Flexible sensor: temperature, humidity, PM2.5

Connected Car

Main application

Cloud video storage/anti-theft

Remote monitoring system

Driver behaviors analysis (over speed, fast cornering, sudden break, fast acceleration..)

Product line up

Cloud Video Camera
- Quality cam with LTE modem, event trigger with data upload to cloud server.

In Cabin Camera
- Driver Monitoring.